Below is a listing of all my available published work, whether it is part of an anthology or a collection or a novel of my own. Clicking the cover or the title links will take you to a page that will list a synopsis of the book as well as all the available formats.

Stigma Fighters, Volume 3
Edited by Sarah Fader

I provided three personal essays to this collection, one for each of the mental health challenges I have faced or continue to face on a day-to-day basis: anxiety, post-concussion syndrome, and insomnia.

Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior
Compiled by Christina Esdon
Edited by Susan Ethridge, Steven Luna, Jennifer Gracen, and K.D. McCrite

I provided a humorous account in the form of a short story of the untimely death of a family member and the events that followed.

The Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest
by Wendy Northcutt

While I did not receive any writing credit for my contribution, I did get a free copy of the book and a t-shirt. This book contains my first published words (around 500 of them, actually). Who would have thought that lighting one’s self on fire could be so funny? You can read my story on the Darwin Awards website under the title The Barbequed Chef or buy the book and read the whole collection (it's hilarious in an "OMG human civilization is doomed" sort of way).

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