I am currently singing in a little coffee shop group with a few good friends. We can be seen in and around Kitchener-Waterloo from time to time doing open mics and small gigs. We are called Argyle Speedo and we have a Facebook Page so you can keep up with what's going on. 

Use or search the hashtag #ArgyleSpeedo on Twitter or find one of the band members:

Andrew Butters (vocals, and one day maybe the bass)

Steph Tanner (vocals, guitar)

Jim Tigwell (guitar)

So, how did all this come about you ask? Good question. Here's the back story:

In January of 2011 I started taking voice lessons in an effort to learn a few things so I could surprise my wife with a performance on our anniversary on November 6. 

So what happened?

All things considered it went really well. Three days before the show I wrecked my voice singing James' "Laid" and Pearl Jam's "Alive" at a rehearsal that ended up being more like drunken karaoke but with a live band. 

The night of the show my voice was still terrible, and I forgot to get the emcee to give me my note. The first tune was being done a capella and I really needed an "E" to get me started. So, apologies for the first note on the first video - it was a bit rough. All in all, it ended up being not too shabby for my first go at it. 

It wasn't a romantic tune, but I knew the words and here's how it went down:

After the solo performance the band got set up and the big show began. Only the cellist/harmonica/backup vocal guy's mic wasn't on, and I was stuck behind this giant keyboard with a mic stand that wouldn't move, and my monitor wasn't loud enough and I couldn't hear myself singing. All of these things wouldn't have been a big deal for, say, someone who's actually done this before, for me it was completely terrifying.

At any rate, I plugged away, and the band did a GREAT job of stretching out the beat when I held a note too long or pulling up short when my timing was off. Honestly, I'm so pleased with how we came together as a band. We've only rehearsed half a dozen times for cryin' out loud. In the end it was a blast.

Here's the video for our debut performance:

After that, in January 2012 I was approached by someone looking for entertainment for an event they were hosting. I wasn't too comfortable doing this on my own, and the gig wasn't one that really called for a full band, so I recruited Robb Farago and Steph Tanner to play with me and Argyle Speedo was born. Shortly thereafter, recognizing a need for another guitarist in case Robb couldn't make a gig we recruited Jim Tigwell. Robb has since left the band to pursue other interests.

Here are a few videos of one of our first gigs: