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Why Potato Chip Math?

I get a lot of questions from people asking me, "Why did you call your blog 'Potato Chip Math?'" Which happens to be a perfectly legitimate question. So, seeing as most people have not been reading since the very beginning I have provided a couple of options for your convenience:
  1. You can read the original post; or
  2. You can keep reading
In an effort to practice just summing it the hell up for a change here's what you need to know:

Like the line goes in the Barenaked Ladies song One Week, "I'm all about value". I don't like paying more than I need to for things. At the same time, I will gladly pay for just about anything if I find value in it. Never was this more apparent than when I was shopping one day and stumbled upon some discount potato chips. These chips provided me with an opportunity to potentially find great value as they were significantly cheaper than the brand I had come to love. They were not.

I learned a valuable lesson through all of that, which was in a lot of ways you really do get what you pay for.

Since reading this blog is free, I sincerely hope no one feels like I ripped them off. If you do read and you do end up feeling ripped off then tough beans, there are NO REFUNDS.