In addition to this blog, you can find Andrew's written words all over the place. Well, in a few other places at least. Here's a writing wresume... er... resumé of sorts for your reading enjoyment.

  • The Book of Good (serial fiction looking for a home)
  • Bent But Not Broken: One Family's Scoliosis Surgery Journey (non-fiction / personal account. Editing.)
  • No Fixed Address (suspense / thriller. Editing.)
  • No Known Cure (suspense / thriller. Draft in progress.)
  • No End in Sight (suspense / thriller. Outlining.)
Short Stories
Essays / Guest Posts:
  • National Novel Writing Month (2016 - in progress)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2015 - failed, but I'm okay with it, and here's why)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2014 - winner with 51,356 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2013 - winner with 56,629 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2012 - winner with 50,131 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2011- failed with 21,188 words)

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