About Me

Who is Andrew Butters?

I am a 40-something married father of two living in Cambridge, Ontario. I will tell you that my first published work was Losing Vern as part of the Orange Karen: A Tribute to a Warrior anthology. In reality, it was a 500-word anecdote about the time I lit himself on fire. That story made it into the third installment of the Darwin Awards books.

Fire is not my only foe. I have received several severe concussions and a few “minor” ones, the last coming in the summer of 2011. It goes without saying that I am one hundred percent on board with head protection and brain health.

Not all my distinctions are as dubious as appearing in a Darwin Awards book. There was the time I did a trick on stage with Penn & Teller. I had a minute of time the Super Dave Osborne show. I scored a game-winning goal at Maple Leaf Gardens and even “sold” music to filmmaker Kevin Smith. I was also given a whole three seconds of non-speaking airtime in a TV commercial, and who could forget when I appeared as a fighting homeless man in a rap video.

My first novel, the true story about my daughter’s scoliosis surgery is available now. My first work of fiction, a psychological thriller is due to release in late 2018. I currently blog, am writing his next novel, am a huge fan of golf, hockey, science, equality, and the Oxford comma.

It's been said that I sometimes let my love of attention override common sense. You can find evidence of this pretty much anywhere you can find me.

Why Potato Chip Math?

I get a lot of people asking, "Why did you name your blog Potato Chip Math?" Which happens to be a perfectly legitimate question. So, seeing as most people have not been reading since the beginning I have provided a couple of options for your convenience:
  1. You can read the original post; or 
  2. You can keep reading and get the Cole's Notes version below.
To practice summing it the hell up for a change here's what you need to know:

As the line in the Barenaked Ladies song One Week goes, "I'm all about value". I don't like paying more than I need to for things. At the same time, I will pay for pretty much anything if I find value in it. Never was this highlighted more than when I was shopping one day and stumbled upon some discount potato chips. The chips provided me with an opportunity for great value as they were WAY cheaper than the brand I had come to love. So, were they of great value?

No, they were not.

In this, I learned a valuable lesson. As is often the case, you really do get what you pay for.

Territory Acknowledgement

In response to Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it is important for me to acknowledge that I currently live on the traditional territory of the Haudenosauneega (Iroquois) and Anishinabek (ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒃ) peoples. Specifically, my home is situated on land promised to the Six Nations as part of The Simcoe Patent - Treaty 4 of 1793 and I will work toward building stronger relationships with the First Peoples of Canada and specifically those displaced by colonialism in the region that I now call home.

Reading this blog is free. All it costs you is a little bit of time and I am genuine when I say I hope no one feels like I ripped them off. If you do happen to end up feeling ripped off then tough beans, there are NO REFUNDS.


I've decided that every once and a while I will throw in a bit of satire on the site for a few laughs. Rest assured, I will tag the post with "Satire" or "#satire" so you don't think I've fallen off my rocker.

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